This is going to be my watermark tutorial. Not with text
but with dingbats. I personally don't like it when you see someone
elses name on a tag (even if the text is very small). I think a dingbat
does the job as well as text (maybe even better).

For this tutorial you are going to need:


I am going to watermark this picture:

Before we start, make sure you have your dingbats installed.
(Go to start, settings, control panel. In control panel double click
on the font-icon. You should have a window with all your installed
fonts there. To install a new font, go to file, install new font and
browse to the font you wish to install.)

In PSP, create a new image with these settings:

Click on the text-button: Click in the middle
of your new image. I've used these settings for my watermark:

You have to make sure your font-colour is white. Click OK after you've
found a symbol which you like.

Now we are going to add a drop shadow. It makes your watermark
stand out a little bit better.

Go to effects, 3d effects drop shadow and use these settings:

Click OK. Now add another drop shadow but with these settings:

The size of this image is a bit too big so we are going to select the
blob and copy/paste it as a new image:

Select around the blob, go to edit, copy. And then edit, paste, as new image.

I end up with this image:

The first thing we are going to do now, is save your watermark as a tube. This
way you can use your watermark over and over again.

Go to file, export, picture tube and use these settings:

You don't have to use this watermark at this point. We can still use the one
we just made. The next time you are going to watermark your tag/image, open
the tube.

Open the image we are going to watermark.

Activate your watermark-dingbat (in my case, my blob) and go to edit, copy. Now activate
your image and go to edit, paste, as new layer. Now move the watermark-dingbat to
a spot in the image where you think the watermark stands out best. I am moving it to
the right-bottom corner like this:

Make sure you are working with your dingbat-layer. Now go to effects, texture effects,

Your watermark-dingbat should look something like this now:

Make sure you have your layer-palette activated:

Activate layer one (as seen above) and click on the little arrow next to
'normal'. You should get to see this:

Chose Soft Light. Your watermark should be ready:

One last thing: go to layers, merge, merge visible and now
your image is watermarked :-)