This tutorial is about embedding fonts in stationery. I don't know if this tutorial works
for websites as well. I have only used this method for stationeries.

So, you are going to need a program called WEFT from Microsoft. You
can download it here. I use version 3. We are also going to
need a font. I have used the CoasterPoster for this tutorial. Install this font
in your windows\font folder before you start this tutorial.

A little bit more about WEFT: Microsoft WEFT is a program designed to allow
users to see web pages and email in the font that the author used to create them,
even if the user does not have that particular font installed on their computer. 
"WEFT" stands for Web Embedding Fonts Tool, and the embedded
font created is called an "EOT", which stands for Embedded Object Type.

After you've installed WEFT you have to answer a few questions. After
you've done that, you are ready to use WEFT.

Now, start WEFT. When I've installed or removed fonts, I always
get this question:

Just click on yes and everything will be fine.

Now we wanna check which fonts are available for
embedding. Go to view, available fonts:

You will get a list of the fonts you have installed in your
windows\fonts directory.

In front of some of the fontnames you will see a red icon. This means that that font can't be
used for embedding. (like Coperniq Medium) Ofcourse the green icon means that
it can (like Coolveticaa). You also have a yellow icon and usually
that means you can embed that font.

Now we are going to try to create an .eot file. This is the font file which
enables you to use a font as an embedded font.
First of we are going to need a dummy .html file. I use a file
called embed.htm. You can download it here. Just put this
file in your WEFT folder.

Now, click on new:

You will get this window:

Click on this button:

Now you are going to open the embed.htm file
which you had to download earlier:

Open the embed.htm file.

You should have something like this now. I have several harddisks. Don't be alarmed by the
F: bit. You should have C:

Click next.

You should see this window now:

Click next again. It's going to analyse the embed.htm file
now but WEFT isn't going to find a font because you
don't have a font in the embed.htm file.

After analysing the file, you'll get this window:

Change the subsetting to 7. No Subsetting if your
window doesn't show that. It's very important to do this.
Let's add the Polo font now. Click  Add.

You can change the settings of the font to bold, italic etc, but
I like to do that in my stationery. So I always chose regular. Click OK.

You will get this window which is the most important window of
this tutorial:

The first location is the folder in which the
.eot files will be stored. I used the WEFT folder itself.
I am not sure what happens if you make sub-folder. So I
advice you to use your WEFT folder itself too.
As you can see, I installed WEFT on my F drive. Most of
you will install it on your C drive. Click on this button:
and browse to your WEFT folder. Click OK.

Now for the second part of this window. Click on the button
which says 'Mirror Sites.....'. You will get this window:

We have to add your WEFT dir to this and the
mhtml: part. The last one is very important, otherwise
your .eot file won't work.
First click on the arrow besides http:// and chose the file:// option:

Click OK.
The http:// bit should have changed to file:// now. Click on  this button:

Browse to your WEFT folder and click OK.

Now we are going to add the mhtml: bit. This is very important. If
this goes wrong, your .eot file won't work.

Again click on the 'mirror sites....' button. Again click
on the arrow besided http:// but this time pick mhtml::

Click add:

Your 'Create Font Objects' window should look like mine now:

Click next. WEFT is going to create your .eot file now.

One more window to go, this one:

I am not sure what you can do with this window but I
use these settings and they work fine :-) LOL
Again, click next.

The last window appears:

Click finish.

Your .eot file has been created :-) I haven't saved
the current settings before. When I close WEFT I get this question:

And I always answer 'no'. And I always get the right
settings when I create a new .eot file. :-)

There's one more thing to this tutorial.
You need the html script to use the .eot file.
I will give you the standard script. No fancy stationery
script. Just the scripting which you need to
add the eot file to your stat. You can download
that clean script here. I've already added the COASTER0.eot
file for you :-)

Oops, forgot something. Open the eot.txt file (in notepad) which you'll find in
the file.

You will see a link to your eot file:

As you can see it points to my dir :-( You have to
change this to the dir where you have your eot files.
This is also the dir which you used while creating the
eot files. You cannot move them around after
you've created them. After you've changed the link, save the file
but also save it as eot.htm. So you can test to see if the
.eot file works :-)

Well, I hope you all understood this tutorial. I haven't been
using embedded fonts for that long myself so if you have any
questions, I will try to help but I am not sure if I can come up with
an answer..... :-)

Good luck :-)