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Melody and Tegan have been so kind as to
allow me to have a section of our site to call my own.
So welcome to
“Chibi Treize’s Intellectual Essays & Astute Observations Page.”

May you enjoy the commentary by the following contributors:

Intellectual Essays & Astute Observations

1. Tegan's Tribute to 9/11 by Tegan

2. Parent to Parent by Melody
General warnings to parents of young anime fans about what to look for to prevent children from accessing inappropriate-for-children anime and cartoon sites on the Web
Red Flag Words
About the Yaoi, Yuri and Shonen Ai Trend

3. Setsunakou’s Essay About the Relationship of Trowa & Catherine by Setsunakou

4. In Defense of the Gundam Girls by Willow

5. A Word to Relena Haters by Roa Aoife

If you would care to submit an essay of your own, please read the Submissions Guidelines.

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Submissions Guidelines

1. No character-bashing. An opinion such as “I really don’t like this character because…” is okay but no name-calling or ranting about all of the reasons you feel this way will be allowed.

2. No pro-yaoi theories are allowed. This is a non-yaoi site.

3. No bashing of yaoi fans or of gay people, period.

4. No bashing of people who like characters that you don’t like or of people who support couples that you don’t like.

5. Opinions about why you don’t think certain couples are compatible are allowed as long as there is no bashing of the characters (see rule 1) or bashing of fans of those couples (see rule 4). For instance, neither Melody nor Tegan supports QuatrexDorothy or WufeixSally as couples but we don’t care if other people like them. We have fics of those couples on the GW Fanfic page and they are acceptable as long as the submissions guidelines for submitting fanfics are met.

6. No swearing is allowed. When people write without using swear words they have to write more creatively. ^_~

7. Just as she does with the fanfic that is submitted to the SSC, Melody 'edits' all of the essays that are submitted. The editing can include not allowing material that is in conflict with the submissions guidelines, but it is often for spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. She also gives suggestions about how to vary the sentences so the same words and phrases are not used repeatedly, and also makes comments on especially cleverly written lines and what she likes best about an essay or story. Essays will be returned to the author for approval before posting. Using any of the suggested changes is up to the author because they are only suggestions. All of these things are done in an effort to help the authors grow as writers, and are not meant to be critical in any way. ^_^

8. We look forward to seeing your contributions to this page! ^_^V Just send your essay to: