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A word in your ear...

Parents, please be aware that it is NOT SAFE to let kids explore anime and cartoon websites without parental guidance. There is a lot of material made by people other than the original artists and writers of animated shows that is NOT suitable for children to see. Familiar characters are used in stories and illustrations in "adult" situations that are not appropriate for children. If kids are left to surf the Internet unsupervised, it is likely that they WILL run across these sites.

Nothing can be considered automatically "safe". Even animation like Disney has unofficial websites with inappropriate-for-kids subject matter. I haven't seen any Pokemon sites that feature not-for-kids material, but it wouldn't surprise me if there are sites like that out there!

Pika! Pika! Pikachu!

I'm sorry, Pikachu. I didn't know you were here.

Pika, pika, pikachuuu.

I know, but you never know WHAT some people will do. If DISNEY characters are used in unofficial sites that are not for kids' eyes, then we know we have to be careful about everything--even Pokemon sites. You just never know.

Pikachu! Pikachu! Pika, pika pika-peek! Pikachu!

No, I'm afraid that there isn't anything that can be done about it.

Pika, pi-kaaaaa. (sadly shakes its head)

Don't worry, Pikachu. I'm trying to help parents to avoid sites that aren't good for kids. Parents who know this will warn other parents. You know, you really shouldn't be here right now. You're too young to be in this part of the Archive. Go to the kitchen and Tegan will give you some tea while you are waiting for the chibis.

Okay. Now that Pikachu has left the room I can finish this page without worrying about what Pikachu will hear. It's amazing to think about how easily kids (or Pokemon) can hear and see things that they shouldn't. Thankfully, I don't have to worry about the chibis overhearing this because they are all down for their naps.

In the world of anime, there are several words that parents need to know to help their children steer clear of unsuitable sites.


I have learned the definitions for the words listed below from explanations of Japanese words on other sites. They are accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Please be aware of the following:

1. shounen ai: means "boy love", and usually doesn't involve intimacy beyond kissing

2. yaoi: male/male relationships that may or may not have emotional involvement. Usually graphic content.

3. shoujo ai: means "girl love" and is the female equivilant to "shonen ai". There is shojo ai in the original Japanese version of Sailor Moon, though it has been edited out of the series for the English television version.

4. yuri: female/female relationships, same type of content as yaoi.

The terms yaoi and yuri are generally used whether there is explicit material or only the non-explicit content of shonen ai/shojo ai. Not all yaoi/shonen ai and yuri/shojo ai sites have explicit material, but I've found that many of those sites have pornography scans from doujinshi, which is unofficial manga/graphic novels/comics, or pornographic fanfiction.

5. hentai: in Japanese it literally means "pervert", although it is commonly used by non-Japanese to label graphic sexual content in general, but some non-Japanese labeled hentai is perverted.

6. limes: implied sexual relations

7. lemons: graphic sexual content

So, please take note of these terms so you can help your children find kid-safe websites.

About the Yaoi, Yuri and Shonen Ai Trend...

Yaoi, yuri, shonen ai and shojo ai stories and doujinshi are most often created by fans. They take the characters from a favorite program or book and pair them together in homosexual relationships that the author never intended. Do I, personally, like this? NO! This is something that bothers me BECAUSE it goes against the original author's concept of the characters.

If the characters in yaoi, yuri or shonen ai stories are MEANT to be in homosexual relationships because the original author has made that clear (as in the case of Sailor Moon), I don't have a problem with that. It is the taking of characters and changing them to suit the fan/writer that bothers me.

Am I against yaoi, yuri or shonen ai stories? ONLY if they are pornographic in nature and are not password protected to keep minors from accessing them. I think that people can write whatever they want to, because I believe in of freedom of thought, but that they should do whatever they can to protect the children from being exposed to things that they shouldn't see, as well as labeling them with warnings of content so that non-yaoi fans are not surprised by reading something that they wouldn't read if they had known its content. Most sites are responsible enough about this to at least put content warnings on their sites and fanfics/stories and many use the movie ratings system as well. As a mom, I appreciate that, though the warnings don't keep kids from reading the fic if they are unsupervised by a parent.

Do I hate yaoi/yuri fans? NO! I don't believe in hating people. It is as stupid to hate people just for liking or not liking yaoi/yuri as it is to hate people for being of a certain race or religion. It is the individual person whose character I would like or dislike, based on their behavior, but I wouldn't HATE them.

Do I like it that SOME yaoi/yuri and non-yaoi/yuri fans treat each other with contempt and send flames (hate mail) to each other without provocation? NO! There is no reason to send flames, as I have stated in the Family Friendly Policy and our Links page, as well as with the No Apologies Banner.

Do I think that webmasters or webmistresses that receive flames have a right to ridicule them on their sites? Definitely! The flame shouldn't have been sent in the first place, so it is fair game for ridicule as far as I am concerned.

Do I consider writing to webmasters/webmistresses regarding concerns about inappropriate-for-kids material that is accessible to minors on their sites to be "flames"? Not necessarily. It depends on how it is written. A letter can express concern but also be respectful of the website operator as a person. And calling names or swearing at people that we disagree with is not effective, anyway.

Please also be aware that there are NON-yaoi sites that have explicit material, either in pictures or fanfic.

Kids can accidently happen upon yaoi pictures just by doing something as simple as looking for Heero and Duo images on Google, Ask Jeeves, etc, even if the computer is set at 'moderate' image control.

Our site has a links list with family-friendly sites marked by the happy dancing Chibi Wufei as "Webmommie-tested and chibi-approved." So, to the best of our knowledge, those sites are safe for kids to visit unsupervised.


Please don't forbid your children to watch anime or visit anime sites (under supervision) because of the people who make sexually explicit unoffical sites. Most anime is made at a PG-13 or TV14 level and is made for teens/adults but it is edited when it is shown in the afternoons on Cartoon Network. Cartoon Network shows the teen/adult versions of anime on their Adult Swim. Dragonball Z is now being shown uncut in the evenings. The uncut version of DBZ does not have the blood from the injuries of the characters in battle painted out as it was for the Y7 kids' version of DBZ. As far as I know, DBZ uncut doesn't contain any material that isn't shown on the major networks in the evening.

And please, don't buy anime for your kids unless you know about its content. A clerk at a Suncoast store told us that parents often pick up anime thinking that all anime is at the Pokemon level and, therefore, is safe for their kids to watch. He said he can usually talk people out of buying anime meant for teens and adults for their children to see but he said that sometimes they buy it despite his warnings that it is not kid-appropriate. We have found that Suncoast is a good place to ask about the content of various anime.


Since having written this last year, I have heard of not only Digimon, but Pokemon (sorry, Pikachu!) and HARRY POTTER sites that have yaoi material on them. So now not only are SOME unofficial Disney and Pokemon sites not safe for children, but Harry Potter fan sites as well. That is just so sick that I don't know what else to say--those are CHILDREN'S PROGRAMS AND BOOKS for goodness' sake! As a mom--as well as a responsible adult--discovering this disturbing bit of news makes me really angry because it exposes more children to pornography. A child should not have to wade through the yaoi Harry Potter sites to find a site that is fit for them to visit, for instance. Is there NOTHING that is considered untouchable by some of the yaoi writers?

UPDATE, December 2003

Appallingly and unfortunately, I have another update for this part of the site. I have actually found that even Winnie-the-Pooh is not immune to the yaoi trend. *hopping mad Winnie-the-Pooh fans* There are Winnie-the-Pooh yaoi fics, as sick as that is and as hard as it is to believe! >_<

UPDATE, October 2005

I have found that there are sexually explicit unofficial sites for the Flintstones and the Jetsons. There are probably sites like this for other cartoons that I am not aware of.

If you have any questions about information from THIS part of the Archive, please send them to me at the site's e-mail address: PLEASE, DO NOT WRITE THEM IN THE GUESTBOOK.

And lastly, if you yourself are not interested in anime but your kids are, please try to take an interest in it so it is something you can share with your children. So many kids that write to me tell me that they wish their parents liked anime.


Just as I do not claim ownership of Gundam Wing or its characters, I claim no ownership of Pikachu. Pikachu just comes here to play with the chibis sometimes. Pikachu is owned by Nintendo. (But don't tell that to Pikachu because it thinks it belongs to Ash.)