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Meg's Boyfriend of The Week
A cute site that features a nice tribute and praise for Tony.  She has dared to take on anyone who takes Monk off the air, and if Vito won't take care of those who do - I will.  Adorable site, check out her other 
boyfriends past and present!
Tony's daughter will have her room remodelled by Ethan Allan on TV, it will be featured on 'Famous Homes & Hideaways' and the info about it can be found here.

You can also see pictures of the actual episode (screengrabs) from Famous Homes & Hideaways here!

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Tony's Astrological Profile

(October 9, 1953)

Magnetism personified.  The Libra 
born in Snake year will, above all, attract. 
This combination is a mostly happy one. 
People born under this sign may be less so. 
This is because they are not only irresistible, they are also stubborn and willful.  They want things done their way, and like to order others around subtly.  Often, things are done for them, their way, by willing lackeys.  These people have charm to burn.

Libran Snakes rule others through emotion. 
They are capable of sensing exactly what 
another needs from them.  They are remarkably perceptive and even have a gift for the supernatural.  Librans born in Snake years 
know how to exalt an audience with their cool, reasonable yet emphatically sentimental discourse.  These people are born to serve as shepherds of human flocks, moralizers and brotherhood mongers.

There is a Saint Valentine quality about the 
Libra born Snake person.  A lacy, heart-shaped, whimisical yet meaningful self that always 
shines through.  I'd say that this sign is more 'feminine' than masculine in flavor.  Libra/Snakes indulge in finery.  They like to 'mother' others.  And they embody a kind of exemplary passivity that lends a quality of femaleness to their characters.  They are not wont to go after power over their fellows 
unless it is requested of them by followers. 
In fact, Libra/Snakes have to contend with laziness, luxuriating, dissipation and wanton pleasure-seeking.  They are given to excess 
and must do everyday battle with a monumental delight in languor.

Their fatal flaw in all of this is, of course, 
their inability to escape their own seductiveness.  Eventually, after years of watching people fall at his or her feet in admiration, the Libra/Snake gets the picture 
and usually becomes a pace-setter of some 
sort.  Taking up causes is, in the case of Libran Snakes, always performed in the most graceful and nonviolent way.  Libra/Snake wants to reason with danger, to talk over differences, to discuss the peace arrangements.  Then he will make a touching speech on the subject, and more people will collapse at his feet.  Libra/Snake doesn't have to overpower.  All he has to do is attract.

One quality that the Libra/Snake possesses 
and frequently uses in his or her profession is humanitarianism.  The Libra side of this 
person's character wants justice for all.  The Snake is kindness itself, always compassionate and understanding, willing to lend an ear or a shoulder to cry on. The two signs together 
create a being of enormous altruism, who is 
not afraid to do something about hunger or poverty or injustice. 

The above is an excerpts from Suzanne White's book "The New Astrology" - email me and I'll send you the entire write up on Libra/Snake. 

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