TIME:  March 7, 2003, Friday at 7PM PST.

PLACE:  DGA Theatre, Los Angeles, California.

The William S. Paley Festival each year honours several breakthrough TV shows, and this year they decided to honour the show, Monk.  As I was one of the people attending, with several of my friends from online - I thought I'd create this page and fill it with links to reports, pictures from the event (not only my own), links to other stuff and my experience at the event meeting the cast and crew of the show.  So without further ado - here we go!  Let me just say - thanks to USA Network and the people that went out of their way to make it such a memorable time - I had fun!!

KIM's EXPERIENCE at the Paley Festival -
(P.S. I'm the owner of The Presca Pages, in case you're curious)

What an amazing time and such a great thing to meet the cast...I couldn't have wished for better (except I missed having my picture taken in back with Tony like you guys did as well as Bitty, Ted, Stanley, and even Brooke - I want to cry a bit - but, that's cool). I did get a nice hug from Tony and my picture as you saw taken with Jason.  Everyone was fabulous!! Alrighty, here is my report.
First, I arrived at the festival with my mom Evelyn around 2:30PM and we waited behind Elaine, Jess and her neice. There was already someone waiting before them. I tried to query if it was Lynn and Tom - but they weren't sure, but soon we found out it was. Tom seemed to be getting along with security and the press, it was too funny.

Soon, they opened the doors and let us in around 6:30 and we filed in. I sat on the far right, middle aisle and third row, behind Elaine, Missy, Jess and his girlfriend, my mom was beside me on my left.

They opened the show with the nice little spiel about the Paley Fest of the past and then, they came out to introduce the cast in front of us. First was David Hoberman, then Andy Breckman, then Stanley Kamel, then Jason Gray-Stanford, then Ted Levine, then Bitty Schram, and last Tony Shalhoub came out to sit next to the moderator. She asked David to announce what episode they would be showing and then they exited stage right.

We sat and watched Mr. Monk and The Carnival on the big screen, so cool. The audience started applauding even after the credits...the laughs were big throughout and it was a joy to watch it like that, to really appreciate it with a loving audience.

After the show was done, the cast and crew came out from behind to begin the Q&A period. Now, I really sincerely hope folks can supply me with what was said during it...I caught most of it, but I have forgotten quite a bit. I do know that Lynn stood up to give a question, and so did I - I was incredibly nervous doing it, because the entire cast and crew were looking right at me. I said something to the effect:

"First, congratulations on your Golden Globe win (looking at Tony, who smiled and nodded at me in thanks) and congratulations on your SAG nomination (again a nod). I'm from Vancouver (at this point Jason cheered as he's from there). Yeah, Vancouver's cool! I was wondering if you'd ever film in Vancouver again? (Tony couldn't hear me, so I repeated it - in fact, I heard him say 'What was your question, hon?')"

At this point I sat down, I was listening to the question, but my mom urged me to give the card. Now a host of the MTR told me to hold back on the card and they would discretely take it later. My mom was insistent, but I said "no!"

Another nice surprise was Norm MacDonald stood up at the back to ask a question too, he is a fan of the show (either that or trying to get a guest stint). Everyone was laughing at his little jokes and then Tony made a reference to Brooke being in the audience, which was a thrill too.

Finally, the last question was asked and we just went up to the stage immediately. Ted immediately left out back with security - so I didn't get the autograph for you Carol...I hope someone else did, because I did see him signing later on. I first went over to Bitty, I had a poster for her to sign that I bought at the festival. She did her best to sign it. Said something sweet and then I tried to move over to Tony immediately to catch him in case he left.

Several people changed places with me in line in order to get from one point to the next...and then I went up to Tony. I saw someone hugging him and so I thought "Hmmm...!"

I went up with my poster and stood in front of him, he bypassed my poster a bit, so I handed him a nice photo that Elaine printed for me and he took that. I asked if I could give him a hug, and as sweet as could be he said "Sure!"

He signed it very quickly, and then opened his arm out to me, I tell you...such a nice hugger...oh Brooke, you are so lucky! :) He has the softest skin, and I could feel a bit of his light beard bristle against my cheek. He gave me a bit a nice squeeze and hung on for a bit...I did the same. Then, unfortunately, I let him go;) I said "Congratulations on everything!" He said "Thank you!" (P.S. He must use moisturizer on his face, I could feel it on my cheek afterwards at the hotel).

Then, I went back into the crowd and made my way over to Stanley. He was joking to someone he was signing an autograph for (a picture of Tony and Bitty, mind you) that he wasn't in the picture. The fan said "Sorry, we tried to find everyone in the cast, but couldn't!" I handed him my poster, he was chatting a bit with an MTR lady, then signed it across his knee. I told him "Thanks so much!" he smiled, and then I wandered over to Jason. Jason immediately said "Oh, there's the Vancouver girl!" and I smiled and went up him. He was so cute, wish I could just smuggle him back to Van in my pocket. He signed my poster and then I said "I hope we see more of Disher next season!" and he said "Thanks!" and I headed out up the aisle. I stopped to check with my mom's success and everyone else.

My mom didn't want to go up to Tony as she was too nervous, she did chat for awhile with Jason though and found out his mother is from Kitsilano in Van. She said he was very nice and it was Jason that she presented the card to - he was bowled over by it and said he'd be sure 'Monk' got it! Then, an MTR staff member got it from her.

Outside, I convinced her to please go get an autograph for my friend in Argentina, but in truth I just wanted to see her meet Tony. She did and came back in success. As I sat up in the top row near the doors, I watched Andy Breckman come over and talk to Norm MacDonald for awhile a few rows over and looked down to see Brooke up on stage talking to some people.

Once outside, I spotted Jason just in the general lobby talking to everyone. Just casually. Elaine came out and breezed by, then Lynn, Mina and the others came out. I told them Jason was there, and we all went over to him for our pictures to be taken with him. I jokingly said "We're converging on you!" he was good-natured about it as Lynn stood on one side of him and me the other, and we put our arms around him. Tom asked "Where are your hands?!" to Jason as he had his arm around Lynn, his wife. Jason thought it was funny.  Then, I took a picture of Mina with Jason on her digital camera.

We had planned after that to meet at IHOP, but my mom was bushed by then and we bowed out - I'm so sorry, I would have liked to have gotten pictures of me with Tony and with the rest of the cast as well as pictures with all of you - but, all in all - I had so much fun and want to go back!

P.S. Thanks to everyone in the cast and my friends from on the board...we couldn't have done it without you!! And, please - if you have audio, video or pictures - can you send them my way? I'll do the same.

And, if anyone managed to capture a picture of me hugging Tony - I'd pay you handsomely;)


ALLISON's EXPERIENCE at the Paley Festival -

I had an amazing time at the festival. It was well-worth the five day drive all the way from Chicago. What made the evening so memorable was that the cast members of Monk are such nice people. After the panel discussion, they stayed around and "mingled" with the fans, freely signing autographs and posing for photos. I was especially happy that I got to take pictures with my favorite cast member, Bitty.
I will always remember the night of March 7 with fondness because, not only did I get to meet the actors from one of my favorite TV shows, but I also got to meet some really amazing people, people who seemed to genuinely appreciate my being there. And that's what made it so special.

TJ's EXPERIENCE at the Paley Festival -

I was lucky enough to attend last evening's Paley Festival- the panel for Monk. It was a wonderful evening. I can't emphasize enough how enjoyable it was for myself and also for my husband who went with me. I was able to stay afterwards and get an autograph from and photo with Tony that will always be a fond memory. Also I got to meet some other members of this message board, Mina and Lynn and her husband. The five of us went to dinner afterwards and simply glowed in our reminiscing of the evening. I am not very good at putting things in writing, also poor at speaking, but I wanted to share a few thoughts on this night. The cast and others (you know who appeared by now) were funny, kind and thoughtful in their answers to the narrator's and fans questions. They spoke about some of their own Monk-like "fears", gave us some hints about next season's episodes, and (especially) Tony was very delightful and descriptive in his stories about making the show and details of original casting, just to name a few subjects that came up.  He was very comfortable with talking to the audience and appeared to enjoy it very much. Mina has offered very kindly to share some of the transcript with us all when she has time and that will tell you more than I could ever recall. Anyway, after the Q&A's were finished, the cast remained and I was very happy to get Tony to sign a photo I had brought with me. Then later, he posed with me for the camera. I would share it, but I didn't think others would care much about a photo including me. I am still on a high from this pleasant show. The cast is a very gracious one, kind to their fans and they like each other as well, so it is not a bit surprising that they all work so well together on the show. I'm sure you will hear some great stories about the Festival, by people who are still traveling back to their homes. They will have many more interesting things to offer. One thing I can vouch for, we all had a great time!

LYNN's EXPERIENCE at the Paley Festival -

    Just to let you know I'm posting this same message on all the Monk & Tony boards, so if you read it at one it's the same for all:)

    I don't have any pictures yet, but should have some to post tomorrow. But thank you Mina for getting yours up so fast!!

    All I have to say it WOW!  What a truly amazing group of people. Before we left we had heard that some of the casts that came to the Paley Fest didn't stay for autographs at all, and were even a bit short with fans, so I must admit I was worried about what we would get.  But I am here to tell you that the cast of Monk are all wonderfully gracious people who do care about their fans:) They didn't just stay to sign a few autographs and leave---they stayed and signed until everyone got one (or more) and for a few pictures too! And as an added bonus Tony's wife Brooke Adams also attended and signed a few autographs.
    I went to Paley already a big fan of the show, but I am even more so now. And my husband who basically just went with me because I asked him too, actually had a chat with just about everyone in the cast, and is now a big fan himself. I think he's talked more about it then I have!!

    Mina and TJ basically covered the format of the event. They showed the Carnival Episode and then did a panel discussion and Q&A. Hopefully Mina will be able to transcribe some of it. One part that was great was a surprise question from Norm Macdonald who was in the audience!

    Here are a few surprises for the next season the cast shared with us:

    1)   There will be 16 episodes
    2)   The filming starts in aprox. two weeks in LA
    3)   There will be more guest stars this season, including a repeat of Adam Arkin as Dale the Wale
    4)   There will be an episode where Capt. Stottlemeyer's wife kicks him out and he goes to stay with Monk
    5)   And there will be an episode where Monk and Sharona have to pose as husband and wife!!

    There is so much to tell it would be impossible to add everything. But from what I saw and heard it looks like Monk Season Two will definitely something to watch--so get those tapes ready!!

    I will get my pictures up soon, if anyone has any other questions feel free to write me!

MINA's EXPERIENCE at the Paley Festival -

I guess I'm the first one on here to give a report- but it's 1:30am and I have to be at work at seven, so this is a short one:
To be blunt, it was absolutley fantastic! Everyone who was promised to was there (Andy, David, Tony, Bitty, Stanley, Jason and Ted) and each was very uniqe and special in their own way. The cast was introduced, then there was a screening of Mr. Monk Goes to the Carnival. The cast was brought back in for a moderator led Q and A, followed by an open audiance Q and A, and finally at the end, the entire cast was very gracious and signed and posed for photos for an eternity! They were all wonderful, sweet and genuinenly greatful for the fans presence. Just a quick note on each:

Tony- The ringleader. He is so well balanced, educated and just a great, great man. Also very kind to the fans afterwards, posing and signing forever, even as Brooke was waiting for him!

Bitty- Was very nervous on stage, and didn't say much. But in person she was very kind, a bit amazed at the fan response, I think.

Ted- Was a little short on stage, then disappeared for the signings.  Stanley Kamel said that he most likely wouldn't be back, since he apparently doesn't like the signing thing, but he did come back, and was very nice. I got some photos of him just for you, Carol! In the Q and A there was a fantastic Ted story, but I'll wait and recap that later when I can do it justice.

Stanley- Was really a surprise for me, he was the most communicative with the fans at the signing. A very, very nice guy, and very funny too.

Jason- also a great guy, after the signing when the others left, he came around front and signed some more. Very sweet!

We got some really good spoilers for the future season (Oh boy, it's gonna be good!) some great production notes (according to Bitty, this season will have 16! Episodes) and so much more. I can't do the evening justice right now, since I'm so tired. I did tape record it, so I will try and post at least some of the transcript tomorow. I also have about 50 photos I took from the signing sessions, but my digital has decided that its battery is very tired and done for the night. I have a Bitty and Tony photo here for you guys just to tide you over till tomorow, when I'll get a whole album up.

It was a great night! It was so much fun to meet Kim, Allison, Lynn, Elaine and all the others (I know I'm forgetting a ton of others) from the list - and I'm sure they'll have their recaps on soon.


(All of Mina's Pictures can be found at the following link under Paley)

ELAINE's EXPERIENCE at the Paley Festival (Coming Soon) -



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