A Bit About the Show:
The Synopsis (is mine), the bios below are from the 
USA Network's Official Monk Page and the filmographies 
are from various sources.
Airtimes -   USA Networks, Fridays at 10:00PM 
                     ABC, Mondays at 8PM  (renewed for January 2004)
                     The NewVI, Vancouver, Fridays at 9PM
The series centers around Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) a fairly 
prominent law enforcement officer with the San Francisco Police 
Department, his world turned upside down when his wife 
dies under mysterious circumstances in what appears to be a car 
bombing.  From that moment on Adrian's life changes.  Suffering 
from OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) - Adrian has 
phobias real or otherwise to everything from germs,
heights to the strange affliction to milk.
With the assistance of his personal nurse, Sharona Fleming 
(Bitty Schram) and his dedicated psychiatrist, Dr. Kroeger - Adrian hopes 
in time he will be reinstated  with the force, but it looks like a long hard
road ahead of him, as every time he makes progress, he suffers
setbacks right along with them. 
Yet, he manages to assist his ex-boss, Captain Leland Stottlemeyer 
(Ted Levine) of the SFPD in solving murders that the police 
themselves have been left stumped by.  With meticulous attention 
to detail, he is able to step into the shoes of the criminal and track them 
down, only problem is - he has trouble apprehending them at times. 
It's enough to leave Stottlemeyer indebted to him, and he often helps 
in cases.
There are only two passions in Adrian's life, trying to find out what 
happened to his wife Trudy and getting back on the force - but as 
long as the hurdle of his OCD stands in his way - it's a long road to 
get there.
As serious as the subject matter sounds, Tony Shalhoub does a 
marvelous job of making Adrian Monk's plight at times seem 
humourous and sympathetic, that's why this site was created - hope 
you like your stay!
A Bit About the Cast:
(Click on the pics to bring up websites or boards 
featuring the actors below)

Tony Shalhoub as Adrian Monk
Born: 9 October 1953, Green Bay, Wisconsin, Shalhoub lives in 
Los Angeles with his wife, actress Brooke Adams, and their two 
daughters: Josie (b.1989-adopted by Brooke) and Sophie (b.1993). 
Shalhoub has established himself as one of the most talented 
character actors working today. His numerous feature film 
credits include roles in Spy Kids, Galaxy Quest, The Siege, 
A Civil Action, Searching for Bobby Fischer, The Impostors, 
Primary Colors, Gattaca, Men in Black, Big Night, Barton Fink, 
Honeymoon in Vegas, Quick Change, Longtime Companion, 
13 Ghosts, and Life or Something Like It. He will be reprising two 
of his roles in the upcoming sequels Men in Black II and Spy Kids II. 
Shalhoub had an especially memorable role in the USA Films release 
The Man Who Wasn't There (Winner for Best Director at the 2001 
Cannes International Film Festival), from Joel and Ethan Coen and 
starring Billy Bob Thornton and Frances McDormand. Shalhoub 
recently finished filming Against the Ropes, opposite Meg Ryan and 
directed by Charles Dutton, and has completed production on his 
feature directorial debut, the independent film Made Up, in which he 
costars with his wife Brooke Adams and Gary Sinise. 
Shalhoub's television credits include starring in the telefilm 
remakes of Gypsy and That Championship Season. He was 
also a series regular on the sitcoms Stark Raving Mad and the 
long-running hit series Wings. 
Shalhoub's New York theater work includes stagings of "Waiting for 
Godot," "Conversations with My Father," "The Heidi Chronicles" and 
"The Odd Couple;" as well as New York Shakespeare Festival 
productions of "Henry IV Part 1" and "Richard III." 
Against the Ropes - 2003 
Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams - 2002 
Life, or Something Like It - 2002 
Men in Black 2 - 2002 
Monk (TV) - 2002 
Made-Up (starred and directed) - 2002 
Impostor - 2002 
The Heart Department (TV Series) - 2001 
The Man Who Wasn't There - 2001 
Thirteen Ghosts - 2001 
Spy Kids - 2001 
Galaxy Quest - 1999 
Stark Raving Mad (TV Series) - 1999 
That Championship Season (TV) - 1999 
A Civil Action - 1998 
The Siege - 1998 
The Impostors - 1998 
Paulie - 1998 
Primary Colors - 1998 
The Tic Code - 1998 
A Life Less Ordinary - 1997 
Gattaca - 1997
Men in Black - 1997 
Fallout (Video game-voice) - 1997 
Radiant City (TV) - 1996 
Big Night - 1996 
I.Q. - 1994 
Gypsy (TV) - 1993 
Addams Family Values - 1993 
Searching for Bobby Fischer -  1993 
Honeymoon in Vegas - 1992 
Barton Fink - 1991 
Wings (TV Series) - 1990 
Longtime Companion - 1990 
Quick Change - 1990 
Money, Power, Murder. (TV) - 1989 
Day One (TV) - 1989 
Alone in the Neon Jungle (TV) - 1988 

Bitty Schram as Sharona Fleming
Born in New York City, Schram attended the University of Maryland 
and has worked steadily in film ever since. She is best known for her
film debut role as "Evelyn Gardner," the sobbing right-fielder who was 
reminded by Tom Hanks that there is "No crying in baseball!" in Penny 
Marshall's box office hit A League of Their Own.  Schram followed up 
that success with numerous critically-acclaimed films, including 
Cleopatra's Second Husband, with Paul Hipp; Kissing A Fool, with David 
Schwimmer and Jason Lee; One Fine Day, with Michelle Pfeiffer and 
George Clooney; Marvin's Room, with Meryl Streep and Diane Keaton; 
The Pallbearer, with Gwyneth Paltrow and David Schwimmer; Caught, 
with Edward James Olmos; Dennis Hopper's Chasers; The Night We 
Never Met, with Matthew Broderick and Annabella Sciorra; and 
Fathers & Sons, with Jeff Goldblum. Schram will also be seen in the 
upcoming The Sure Hand of God, with Gail O'Grady and Unconditional 
Love with Kathy Bates. 
On television, Schram has appeared in several critically-acclaimed 
series, including Felicity, Roswell, and Strong Medicine. Schram is also 
an accomplished stage actor, having appeared as one of the original 
cast members in the Broadway hit, Neil Simon's "Laughter on the 23rd 
Floor;" with Nathan Lane; Off-Broadway's "Blackout" and "One Acts by 
Warren Leight;" as well as regional productions including "Slow Dance 
on the Killing Ground." 
partial Filmography
A League of Their Own - 1992 
My Family Treasure - 1993 
Cleopatra's Second Husband - 2000 
The Pallbearer - 1996 
Marvin's Room - 1996 
Caught - 1996 
Kissing a Fool - 1998 

Ted Levine as Captain Leland Stottlemeyer 
Best known for his role as serial killer "Buffalo Bill" in the classic 
thriller The Silence of the Lambs, Levine has also been seen in numerous
other films, including Ironweed, with Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep; 
Betrayed, with Debra Winger and Tom Berenger; Heat, with Al Pacino and 
Robert De Niro; Georgia, with Jennifer Jason Leigh and Mare Winningham;
Bullet, with Mickey Rourke; Wild Wild West, with Will Smith and Kevin Kline; 
Ivan Reitman's Evolution, with David Duchovny and Julianne Moore; and 
The Fast and the Furious, with Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez. 
Levine will also be seen in the upcoming Jonathan Demme 
thriller The Truth About Charlie, with Mark Wahlberg and Thandie Newton. 
Levine previously starred in the critically-acclaimed ABC television series 
Wonderland. His other television credits include Harlan County War, the 
USA Network mini-series Moby Dick, Tom Hanks' >From The Earth To The 
Moon for HBO, The Last Outlaw, Broken Promises, Death Train, Dead and 
Alive, Out of Season, The Fulfillment of Mary Gray, and Two Fathers' Justice. 
An accomplished stage actor, Levine has appeared in numerous productions 
including Sam Shepard's "Buried Child," on Broadway; "Your Home in the 
West" and "El Salvador and Killers," at the Steppenwolf Theatre Co.; "Life 
and Limb" for the Wisdom Bridge Theatre; and "70 Scenes of Halloween," 
"Time of Your Life," "A Class D Trial in Yokohama," and "Tooth of the Crime" 
for the Remains Theatre. 
The Truth About Charlie - 2002 
Ali - 2001 
Joy Ride - 2001 
Evolution - 2001 
The Fast and the Furious - 2001 
Harlan County War (TV Movie) -2000 
Wonderland (TV Series) - 2000 
Wild Wild West - 1999 
The New Batman/Superman Adventures (TV guest appearance) - 1999 
You Can Thank Me Later - 1998 
From the Earth to the Moon (TV Miniseries) - 1998 
Moby Dick (TV Movie) - 1998 
Ellen Foster (TV Movie) - 1997 
Flubber - 1997 
Switchback - 1997 
Mad City - 1997 
Superman (TV guest appearance) - 1997 
Bullet - 1996 
Wiseguy (TV Movie) - 1996 
Heat - 1995 
Georgia - 1995 
The Mangler - 1995 
Nowhere Man - 1995 
The Last Outlaw (TV Movie) - 1994 
Broken Promises: Taking Emily Back (TV Movie) - 1994 
Death Train (TV Movie) - 1993 
Nowhere to Run - 1993 
Mob Justice (TV Movie) - 1992 
Murder in High Places (TV Movie) - 1991 
The Silence of the Lambs - 1991 
Love at Large - 1990 
Next of Kin - 1989 
The Fulfillment of Mary Gray - 1989 
Betrayed - 1988 
Midnight Caller (TV guest appearance) - 1988 
Ironweed - 1987 
Crime Story (TV Movie) - 1986 
Crime Story (TV Series) - 1986 
Two Fathers' Justice (TV Movie) - 1985 
The Killing Floor - 1984 
Through Naked Eyes - 1983 

Jason Gray-Stanford as Lieutenant Randall Disher 
Jason Gray-Stanford was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. 
He trained in theater at the University of British Columbia before 
beginning his career in film and television. 
After appearing in numerous Canadian and U.S. television shows, 
Gray-Stanford got his first film break when David E. Kelley hired him 
to star in his film Mystery, Alaska. He then went on to co-star opposite 
Russell Crowe in the Academy Award-winning feature A Beautiful Mind. 
Gray-Stanford will also co-star in several episodes of Steven Spielberg's 
Taken, the upcoming 20-hour epic mini-series for SCI FI Channel.
A Beautiful Mind - 2001
Last Wedding - 2001
Mystery, Alaska - 1999
Dangerous Indiscretion - 1994
Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century (TV Series) - 1999
Pocket Dragon Adventures (TV Series) - 1998
Mummies Alive (TV Series) - 1997
The Escape (TV Series) - 1997
Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation (TV Series) - 1997
Extreme Dinosaurs (TV Series) - 1997
Doomsday Rock (TV Series) - 1997

Stanley Kamel as Dr. Kroeger

STANLEY KAMEL is best recognized as Dr. Graham Lester, the 
mind-controlling psychiatrist in Steven Bochco's ground-breaking television 
series "Murder One." He warmed up for that role guest-starring as Jerome 
Oziel, the real-life psychiatrist of the accused murderers in the television 
movie, "Honor Thy Father and Mother: The Story of the Menendez Brothers."

Kamel began his career on the off-Broadway stage, studying under the famed 
acting coach Sanford Meisner. He immediately jumped to Hollywood when he 
was cast in the starring role of Eric Peters in "Days of Our Lives."

Roles on "Beverly Hills 90210," "L.A. Law," "Melrose Place" and "Cagney and 
Lacey" followed, fealding to such feature films as "Making Love" (1982), "Corvette 
Summer" (1978), and "Star 80," Bob Fosse's acclaimed 1983 bio-pic of the life 
and untimely death of Playmate of the Year Dorothy Stratton.

Kamel continues to appear in starring roles on television and the wide screen, 
periodically taking time out to appear on stage. He recently appeared with Alexis 
Smith in the Broadway run of "Platinum."


"Mister Sterling" (2003) TV Series
"Monk" (2002) TV Series
A-List, The (2001/I)
Dark Angel (2000) (TV)
Under Pressure (2000) 
Stonebrook (1999) 
Running Red (1999)
Fare to Remember, A (1998) 
Like Father, Like Santa (1998) (TV)
Eat Your Heart Out (1997)
"C-16: FBI" (1997) TV Series 
Ravager (1997) 
"Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990) TV Series 
"Murder One" (1995) TV Series
"Melrose Place" (1992) TV Series
Automatic (1994)
Ray Alexander: A Taste for Justice (1994) (TV) 
Dancing with Danger (1994) (TV) 
Honor Thy Father and Mother: The True Story of the 
Menendez Murders (1994) (TV) 
Come the Morning (1993) 
Murder by Numbers (1990) 
We'll Take Manhattan (1990) (TV) 
Columbo: Agenda for Murder (1990) (TV) 
"Rituals" (1984) TV Series 
Rape of Richard Beck, The (1985) (TV) 
Bunny's Tale, A (1985) (TV)
Victims for Victims: The Theresa Saldana Story (1984) (TV)
Old Friends (1984) (TV) .... Charlie 
My Mother's Secret Life (1984) (TV)
Star 80 (1983)
Making Love (1982)
Phoenix, The (1981) (TV) 
In Search of Historic Jesus (1980) 
Gossip Columnist, The (1979) (TV)
Captain America II: Death Too Soon (1979) (TV) 
Rainbow (1978) (TV) 
Corvette Summer (1978) 
In the Glitter Palace (1977) (TV) 
Mallory: Circumstantial Evidence (1976) (TV) 
"Days of Our Lives" (1965) TV Series 
Short Walk to Daylight (1972) (TV) 
Bacchanale (1970) (as Stanley Camel) 

Kane Ritchotte as Benjy Fleming

More info to come soon.  Kane was the original Benjy 
Fleming in the pilot of "Mr. Monk and The Candidate".  He
has replaced Max Morrow from season one.


Monk (2002/2003) (TV) .... Benjy 
BigLove (2001) .... Samson
Notable TV Guest Appearances

Notable Guest Appearances:

"Yes, Dear" (2000) playing "Chad" in episode: 
"Jimmy's Dumb" (episode # 3.21) 28 April 2003 

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