~Welcome To Lynangel's Home Page~

Come ride the rainbow with me!
My name is Lynn and I'd like to invite you
to take a break, kick those shoes off, grab some coffee
or a nice cold coca cola and visit my sites. Hope you enjoy
them and come back again and again.

I've had email from several people who have been
asking for a little personal info about myself so here goes.
I'm currently 60 yrs old, married to Bob for 24 years,
and just love creating web pages as I'm sure it's easy to tell.
Unfortunately... I haven't had much time lately to do that.
I babysit for my grandson Jonah who is two now,
babysit when she's not in school, my granddaughter Samantha or taking care of my house,
I used to build pages but since all the changes I no longer do this..
Some of my sites no longer work and I'm so sorry about this
Geocities and some others started charging so those links are inactive.
You'll find a picture of my hubby and me below

Below is a picture of my beautiful daughter and
her boyfriend, Randy on a cruise we took in April
She is mother to Breanna and Mason

Below you'll find pics of my precious grandchildren.
Breanna Nichole is 22 and with her husband, Brian.

Their Daughter Makenzie Jo is 3 years old, my 1st great grandchild

My oldest grandson Terry Mason is 20 years old

Samantha Lynn, born to son Bobby is 8 years,soon 9

Here is a picture of Sami with her Daddy

We've had a new addition, Jonah Matthew in April 2009
to my son Shane and daughter-in-love Erica


I'm very proud of my children and grandchildren
They're my pride and joy!!!!

I've been re-organizing my home page here to make it
easier for you to navigate my many pages and sites
Just click on the drop down menu to find where you want to go.
I'm sorry to say, some of my links no longer function
This is due to geocities charging for web space now.
However, there are still lots that do so enjoy!

I've tried to remove all the old geocities sites
Unfortunately about half my site were those links
I hated to lose them but refuse to pay their price, sorry all!

I support breast cancer awareness. My own mother was
diagnosed with this terrible disease in 1999. Please join
with us to help rid the world of this terrible disease.
She just passed her 8th year anniversary this February
and everything was clear. Thank you Lord!

Angels can be friends or family, strangers or
acquaintances. One of mine happens to be my daughter,
also one of my best friends.

My daughter just made me this lovely banner,
so if anyone would like to link to my page, you're more
than welcome to use this banner to do so. Just please
upload the pic to your own hard drive. Thanks for coming
through for Mom again hon. I love you!

A big thank you hon for this adorable little angel
cookie you adopted for me. You're the best!
If you'd like one for yourself, please click on the
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I've adopted this little bunny baby from Wendy's
to help me watch over my site when I'm busy. If you'd like
one of your own, just click on the bunny and go to her site .

If you'd like to see my angel page,
dedicated to my grandparents, who are now
in heaven,just click on Heaven's gates. My daughter created
this page for me when I was going through a difficult time
over the death of my uncle. Thanks hon, I love you.

~Enter His Gates With Thanksgiving~

The artwork below is titled "Suffer the Little Children"

"Original artwork courtesy of Danny Hahlbohm"

Spread your tiny wings and fly away

My daughter made this lovely award for me to give
out to other websites. If you want to qualify for my award
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I've received some really lovely awards for my site and
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Lynangel's Awards

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If you'd like to see some pics of my family and
myself be sure to check out my Vacation sites.

Lynangel's Vacation World

I always try to give the proper credit for all graphics, poetry, etc.
on all of my webpages. If I've missed anyone, my sincerest
apologies to you and if you would be so kind as to
e-mail me, I would promtly see that you receive the credit due
or remove the item, whichever you'd prefer. Of course,
I'm hoping you will graciously allow me to use them .
Thank you and God Bless

The midi playing here is called Tiptoe and is
sequenced by Andy Klapwyk. For a visit to his site
click on the link below. Thanks Andy for allowing me
to use your beautiful music.

Andy's Midi's

I'm sure everyone is as horrified as I about the terrible
events of September 11, 2001. I found this little graphic at Prayer,
Praise and Peace to place on my site as a constant reminder to Never forget.
If you'd like one, please click on it and download one for
your site. Please be sure to give the creator credit!!

Bye now, and be sure to come back real soon.
I hope you've enjoyed your visit and the new look
on my home page. Angel Hugs from me to you

1998 Lynangel