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My name is LuvRaqui and here I share my love for Birds.

I think birds are some of the most interesting creatures.

Full of life and such wonderful delights.

I have always loved to hear the song of birds.

I am so glad you came here to share my love of birds.




This is Pekklez he was a Fallow Cockatiel.  He died on July 17, 2001.  I have a memorial for him as he was a special bird.  Please visit it by clicking his picture.

This is June she is a Gray Cockatiel.  She is a very nice pretty Bird.  She loves to groom my Parakeets and take baths in a bowl of water that I put in the cage for them to bathe in.  She was a sweet wife to Dear Pekklez who passed away.  She always took care of him.

These are my Parakeets Sky and Aqua.  Sky is a girl and Aqua is a Boy. I gave them their names because of there Feathers.  Sky is greedy and messy. Aqua is very bossy but backs off when Sky starts to make noise.  They groom each other very well.  I do believe that Aqua had a crush on June!

Here is our Newest Addition to The Bird Cage!  I bought him on August 27, 2001.  I call him Tweet Tweet.  WHY?  Most birds are often quite in the box when you bring them home. NOT TWEET TWEET.  He was singing and tweeting away.  His tweets are quite different.  He wanted out of that BOX!.  He was even willing to walk right out over my fingers. Such a BOLD one!
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