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-- Thursday, June 27, 2003 - Holy crap. It's been over an entire year. I'm sure most of you think I must have fallen off the edge of the bloody planet or something. Neglection of this site was never intentional -- it just sort of happened, and since then I've thoroughly emmersed myself in other time consuming things and other websites; and thus have simply been content to let StTLK hang here. However, due to an email that caught me completely by surprise today from Blair Bernard regarding her fanart -- which has been removed, per her personal request --, I felt I should at least do this whole thing officially. *Cough cough* --
-- As of today, Scar: the True Lion King will no longer undergo revision, indefinitly. The site will continue to stay online and functional, but will no longer be maintained. Apologies to all the visitors for my abrupt disbandonment back in April of 2002 without explanation. Upon realization today, I am apparently no longer able to access my email account,, due to non-usage on my part for so long, so please refrain from emailing to that address. Thanks to all who contributed to the site and made it as awesome as it is. SCAR WILL ALWAYS RULE. --
-- Scar's Personal Secretary, signing off. ~____^

So, here it is. My own, personal website dedicated to that wonderful, suave, dangerously charismatic, (intrigue me to the point of distraction) black-maned bastard that we've come to know and love as Scar. (Scar! Not Taka! Scar!) This is - what I believe to currently be - the largest and most extensive Scar archive available; filled with over 300 different screengrabs and pictures, more than 300 pieces of fan art, tons o' fiction and multimedia, and anything else retaining to Scar. If you're looking for any other characters (especially Nala or Kiara. . .*shudder*), leave now. This is a strictly Scar-friendly page, and no one else is welcome. Don't like it? I could care less. HA!

I'm not really sure why I'm such a Scar-a-holic. . .although I'm sure these few points have something to do with it:
One: I've always loved the villain, and I personally think it sucks that they always lose in the end. If I ever get a chance to get into showbiz, I sooo want to play a villain. They're always way more interesting then the protagonist.
Two: Besides being the villain, I also love those characters that just drip with charisma. Give me a dark, charming, smooth-talking, bad-ass any day. Mmm mmm good. . .
Three: His looks and overall composure. Scar is such an unique looking individual compared to the other characters, with his slim physique, partially extended claws, wicked cool eyes, and that awesome slicked back, black mane. And he always holds himself in such a regal manner. As soon as I saw him, I'm like, "Boo yah! I like this character already!"
Four: His voice. That sexy, licked with a slight English accent, drop dead to the floor, gorgeous voice. Need I say more?

Please don't take anything off this site for your own without my permission first, or else I will hunt you down like a dog and pummel you within the last inch of your life. Okay? Okay. If you have any questions/comments/suggestions/flames, e-mail me at: I want to know what you think.

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