Some Things It Probably Wouldn't Kill Ya' to Know About
Scar: The True Lion King - Version 2.0

This site was designed, created, maintained, and copyright Alisa Morgan a.k.a. Scar's Personal Secretary. Under no circumstances, is anything on this site to be taken without my direct consent before hand, especially any banners, buttons, menus, intro movie, etc. . . that have been designed and created by myself personally.


Alrighty, here's to all the wonderful people and companies that helped me with this site in some form or way:

Site Information/Requirements

For all you who are reading this just for the simple hell of it and might be wondering, this entire site was created on a Macintosh - evil IBM scum! - and was first completely designed on Adobe Photoshop 3.0.5 - including banners, buttons, icons, etc. . . - before being coded. The intro movie on the starting page and in the multimedia archive was designed and created by myself on Adobe Premiere 4.0. No damn HTML editors were used whatsoever in this site's creation, just straight code. Editors are evil incarnate itself. . .no offence meant to those who use them of course. Proper viewing of this site also requires java enabled browsers.

This site was specifically designed for a monitor LARGER then 14 inches and should be viewed as such. Please make sure your your internet window is resized to 750x500 pixels or larger now, or you won't be able to see all the page properly. Sorry for any inconvenience, especially to those who only have 14" monitors, but hey, this is the way I work things.

Also, this page is best viewed with Netscape Navigator. I can't stress this enough, people. If you use Explorer it won't look like it should because some of the HTML code for this site isn't compatible with Explorer for some stupid reason. Use Navigator! If you are using Explorer and thus have never seen what this is actually supposed to look like, please refer to the pictures below:

Main page on Navigator. This is how it all should appear - all nice, clean and tidy looking. The text is all aligned and the spacing is all how it was designed to be. When you scroll down to the bottom, the red line to the left should just trail off the page, not stop like it does in Explorer some times.
Main page on Explorer. You see what I mean? This is how Explorer screws with my code and makes the main page look - the layout looks sloppy, the font is much to large, the text isn't aligned and isn't supposed to be curving around the left menu like it does in this picture. The spaces are also way to large and if you have a large internet window, the red line on the left stops and the background including the banner at the top starts all over again.
One of the various frames pages on Navigator. You see how nice it looks? Again, everything looks neat and tidy, the spacing is all correct, and you can see the table layout for the Updates section.
The same frames page on Explorer. Again, the font is too large and messes with the look and the spacing, and on occassion the menu bar to the left doesn't appear - instead all you get is a white frame. Not good. You also for some screwed reason can't see the table borders in Explorer - I don't know why and it pisses me off, 'cause it makes everything look so freakin' unorganized.