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General Midi Archives !

This is a selection of original midi compositions from Esh's library for your personal enjoyment and non-commercial web page themes. They are designed to work with computer sound cards that have General Midi (GM) compatibility. For info on album purchases please click here. For information concerning custom music production for web use, games or multimedia, please click here

These files are provided as a free public service, however you must read and follow these terms:

The music contained on these files is Copyright J.Eshleman,ll BMI and is not to be released, recorded, repackaged or distributed for profit in any manner without written consent. The files themselves may not be altered in any manner. If you use these files on your personal web-page, you agree to give credit to the composer and provide this link: "Music provided courtesy of Esh". This permission does not include usage where distribution for profit is involved or public broadcast. Under conditions where the final product is to be sold for profit or used in public broadcast, obtain written permission prior to usage.

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NameCommentsLengthRhythm (Y/N)
"Bus Stop"Upbeat, dancy2:26Yes
"Day One"sexy, piano3:37Yes
"A Kind of Purple"Slow dance4:00Yes
"As The Crow Flies"Country Esh-style !3:38Yes
"Day Groove"Upbeat, pleasant2:06Yes
"Dis This"Tough, funky2:27Yes
"Funky Guy"Upbeat, funky sax2:07Yes
"Fusion Reaction"Fast, strong jazz2:07Yes
"I Just Wanna Be"Upbeat, piano melody2:37Yes
"Leverage"Strong, medium beat2:38Yes
"Morgan's Walk"Cool organ & sax stride3:33Yes
"Name of the Game"Powerful dark funk3:04Yes
"New Society"Reggae, medium beat2:38Yes
"Players"Upbeat, smooth2:29Yes
"Seaside"Pretty piano/ocean1:42No
"The Summit"Strong, piano/strings2:22No
"The Falls"Piano waterfalls2:38No
"Superfine"Upbeat, funky1:52Yes
"The Swarm"Horrifying !1:44No
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