1. Which scenes of Ocean Girl did you like most?

I cannot single out any specific actor,  I enjoyed working with all of them.  The places I liked best, though, were the filming at Neri’s nest (not far from Port Douglas in North Queensland) and at the Great Barrier Reef.



2. Have you met Jonathan M. Shiff himself, and if so, what is he like?

Yes, Jonathan is not only a person who .is terrific at securing investors, but he also gets involved in the day-to-day filming, so we all saw him a lot.  He lived and breathed Ocean Girl for the five years it took to complete the series and worked closely with the directors.  Jonathan is very imaginative, he is open to new ideas and he shows his appreciation if he thinks you have done a good job. 



3. How are you doing with your study right now?

After my first year at university, my family had to move quite far away, which made it difficult for me to continue where I was.  When I found that the uni closer to us couldn’t offer the subjects I was doing, I decided to defer my studies for a year and give acting first priority… That year has now become two and it doesn’t seem likely that I will be able to continue studying for a while yet.  But I am doing what I really love, so I cannot complain.


4. Do you still have contact with the actors and actresses of the Ocean Girl cast?

It is difficult to keep in contact when you are no longer working together.  Jeffrey and I are still in touch, but not as often as we would like.  I last saw him at his 18th birthday party.  We used to share accommodation when we were on location in Queensland, we shared everything and learnt our lines together, we kind of became brothers in real life too.   I think we will probably always have a special bond. 


Sam Johnson (“Rocky” from OG2) and myself try to have a game of tennis or golf every now and then and I also occasionally bump into Jeremy Angerson (“Kal” from OG3).


5.  Could you tell me the differences between Jason Bates and yourself?

I wish I were as dedicated and would work as hard for the good of the planet as Jason.  He is also a more serious minded person than I am (I don’t know whether he has a good sense of humour). Otherwise, I think we are pretty similar in our values.


6. Could you tell something about your new project, Head Start?

I am really enthusiastic about Head Start!  It has interesting characters and storylines and I think it will become favourite viewing for a lot of people. The cast is great, we get on really well which is always a plus.


I wouldn’t say I share my character’s, (Patrick) view on everything; he is quite conservative and a bit of a “redneck”, but I think he is honest and has got some substance and I hope the viewers will get to like this rough diamond.


You can check us all out on Sundays at 6.10 pm, Channel 2 (ABC).