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    Top Stories of the Week
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    "Ratting on Rampant Crime in South Africa"
    Colour of money lands Limpopo man in trouble

    Limpopo police have arrested a 27-year-old man in connection with a wad of stained cash notes totalling R5 000. Authorities believe the money was taken during a robbery in Praktiseer, near the town of Burgersfort.

  • Click to read full report on: iol.co.za

  • Durban trio slain in deadly love triangle

    An apparent love triangle has led to a double murder and a suicide in which three young people lost their lives in a shooting in an block of flats in Durban.

  • Click to read full report on: iol.co.za

  • Hillbrow told to 'party without fighting'

    Red Ants security guards, police officers, soldiers, an ex-boxer and police chief Jackie Selebi have descended on Hillbrow, Johannesburg. And their message to residents? Clean up your act.

  • Click to read full report on: iol.co.za

  • Back-seat lovers fall victim to rapists

    People are being warned to avoid secluded spots in and around Cape Town's Muizenberg area at night after a spate of rapes in areas popular with courting couples.

  • Click to read full report on: iol.co.za

  • 11 dangerous prisoners on the run

    The hunt for 11 awaiting trial prisoners who escaped from Centane police station holding cells in Queenstown continues.

  • Click to read full report on: iol.co.za

  • Baby's body found in abandoned shack

    The body of a three-year-old boy has been found in an abandoned shack near the Swartkops River in Perseverance in the Nelson Mandela Metro, according to Eastern Cape police said.

  • Click to read full report on: iol.co.za

  • Christmas tragedies for desperate families

    Three families in South Africa were destroyed on Christmas Day after fathers shot their wives and daughters before killing themselves.

  • Click to read full report on: iol.co.za

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