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    Crime Messages ~ Robberies & Hijackings

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    "Ratting on Rampant Crime in South Africa"

    The Beleaguered Country

    Crime stalks South Africa's road from apartheid, sapping much-needed confidence in the country and putting many whites to flight.

    Parked waiting for her daughter outside a school in Northcliff, a few kilometers from Johannesburg, a young housewife named Cheryl Cronje, four months pregnant, finds a gun pointed at her head. She is robbed of her handbag, watch, jewelry and cell phone. Then the gunman forces her from her car and steals that too.

    Peter Hawthorn writes from Johannesburg for Time.com.

    Source: Time.Com - click link to read full report.

    South Africa recaptures its
    most wanted man

    South Africa's most wanted man, Collin Chauke, appeared in court yesterday following his recapture. He had been on the run for more than a year, during which time he taunted the police by attending a ministerial birthday party, telephoning radio stations to protest his innocence and delivering a Christmas card to the detective leading the manhunt for him.

    By Chris McGreal in Johannesburg.

    Source: Guardian Unlimited - click link to read full report.


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