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    Our Manifesto...
    Created: March, 2000

    "Ratting on Rampant Crime in South Africa"
    Our 21-Point MANIFESTO

    • It is the duty of every government to ensure the welfare and safety of its citizens at all times, even during times of unrest, anarchy, hostility and warfare.

    • The South African Government's don't care attitude and 'soft' approach towards violent crime and criminals needs to be reviewed, and immediate steps need to be taken to address this shortcoming, if nation-wide anarchy is to be avoided.

    • The government has repeatedly failed to address the seriousness of the high violent crime problem facing South Africa. This failure has exposed its citizens, from all walks of life, to extreme dangers which, have had such an effect as, to severely curtail their right to freedom, and the freedom of movement, of an individual. In fact, in far too many instances, it has even curtailed the victims' right to life.

    • The failure of the government of the day to protect its citizens, in as much as, their lack of positive action in addressing and resolving the unacceptably high violent crime rate sweeping the country, is in effect a serious breach in the constitutional rights of a South African citizen, in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.

    • Any government which ignores, denies, breaches, withdraws, or reneges on its citizens' constitutional rights and fails to protect these citizens in their time of need, is itself, in danger of being found guilty of crimes against humanity.

    • In view of the South African Government's long-standing reputation for being 'soft' on crime, we call upon President Thabo Mbeki, as head of state, to personally address this problem, as a matter of urgency, and to send out a very clear message to all criminals, that crime, of any sorts, will not be tolerated in South Africa. The motto should be along the lines, "You do the crime, you do the time!"

    • We believe, that as a result of this government's inability to tackle the extremely high violent crime problem in South Africa the situation has now arisen, where large-scale theft, fraud, conspiracy and corruption has become common-place in government departments and the public sector. Drastic steps need to be taken, without further delay, to identify the offenders and to charge them with their crime to enable the law to take its effective and unbiased course.

    • Several members of parliament and senior government officials have criminal convictions for various crimes some, as serious as kidnapping and murder. No government official especially, a member of parliament should be allowed to hold office, if convicted of a crime of a criminal nature.

    • Our national law-enforcement agency, the South African Police Service, are poorly equipped, the police officers over-worked and under-paid. This shortcoming needs to be addressed without delay. Additional funds need to be provided as a matter of urgency and better fiscal controls need to be implemented by SAPS.

    • Large-scale corruption has become evident amongst some members of SAPS on an all-too-often basis. This despicable evil needs to be rooted out and the 'bad apples' identified, charged, and prosecuted to the full extent of the law without any further delays.

    • All police officers should be challenged with incentives and goals and rewarded handsomely for going that extra mile. An intensive training program concentrating on the basic matters concerning civil policing requirements needs to be introduced as a priority.

    • Police officers are often placed into grave danger and are then, unable to defend themselves, when they are out-gunned by well-trained and hardened criminals armed with assault rifles firing armour-piercing bullets. The safety of police officers should be of tantamount importance and needs to be accorded a high priority. Steps must be taken immediately, to ensure that police officers are adequately equipped to handle whatever, situation may present itself to them at any time.

    • Our very gravest concern is, that although, hundreds of our police officers are killed annually and many thousands of our citizens suffer similar horrible fates, there are yet many thousands more, being attacked, massacred, raped, hijacked, assaulted, robbed, mugged and molested by criminals for every passing minute of the day whilst, the government continues to procrastinate over the serious crime issues. We need action now please!

    • Dozens of acts of urban terrorism, including bomb attacks on civilians, which have left several dead and others severely maimed, have taken place during recent years, however, the perpetrators must still be identified and brought to justice. We need an explanation from the government for this tardiness and lack of success.

    • The increase in violent acts of a racial nature are of extreme concern and we look towards the government to set an example in eradicating this cancer without delay. When senior civil servants yell at their underlings and refer to them as "stupid baboons or chimpanzees" then, we feel that the government should waste no time in voicing its displeasure at this type of racial victimisation in the Best possible terms. When immigation officers mistakenly arrest South African citizens and imprison them with illegal aliens (and throw the key away) purely on the grounds of the person's skin-colour, it becomes apparent that nothing has really changed, and the skeletons of apartheid are still rattling uncomfortably in nearby cupboards. The broad ethnic and racial diversity of South Africa goes beyond the need for eleven official languages. Within this diversity we find other factors, particularly sub-divisions of tribes, clans, regionalism, and even suburbanism. Each, with their own particular peculiarities, cultures, likes, and dislikes. It will take a skilful leader to mould and unite all of these races, cultures and diversities into one proud nation. We truly believe, that President Mbeki has the intelligence, ability and charisma to succeed but, he will only do so with both feet planted firmly upon the ground...... within, South Africa, of course! Mbkei's dream of an African Renaissance is nothing more than a pipe-dream. The ethnic diversities, racial differences and wide-spread tribalism in Africa are at the root of the racial hatred and genocide. These differences and mistrust amongst the peoples of the African Continent are too great to enable Mbkei to achieve an African Renaissance in his lifetime. He should rather concentrate on the task of exercising great and wise leadership for South Africa. Let the rest of Africa sort out their own problems. Heaven knows, that since the emergence of Australopithecus the peoples of Africa have had enough time to sort out their problems, and would have done so, thousands of years ago if it was at all possible!

    • Attacks on South African farmers during the last few years have left several hundred dead and several hundred more severely wounded. The government needs to send a clear message to all its citizens that attacks on farmers will not be tolerated under any circumstances. An assurance needs to be given that the question of land redistribution will take place without unnecessary delays and a target date needs to be set for the finalization of this mammoth task.

    • The suggestion that the government secretly sanctions certain criminal activity, and has tacitly approved numbers of acts of terrorism including attacks on farmers (the Blackjack Club), is of very grave concern. The government needs to come clean on these aspects, and needs to clarify the facts from fiction (or urban legend).

    • The high levels of lawlessness and civil disobedience (taxi violence) amongst a wide sector of the South African population is another cause for concern. South Africans from all walks of life need to be educated that even small transgressions of the law, can not and will not be tolerated.

    • The judiciary system has recently been described by the media as a 'can of worms' and a 'den of thieves'. That the bastion for the moral integrity of the nation has sunk to such lowly depths, is a national disgrace. Those, government officials responsible for allowing this situation to develop should be made accountable for their areas of responsibility. Those, who have transgressed the law, should be swiftly brought to justice. We also call on government to dispense with the judge and assessor system and to reinstate the jury system which, was discarded several years ago. It is the peoples' right to be part of the judiciary process. In fact, the time is long overdue for the people of South Africa to have a part in handing down fair and equitable justice to their tormentors.

    • Whilst, we support and respect the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa we seek an amendment to the constitution with regard to the rights of criminals convicted of crimes, especially serious violent crimes, of a non-political nature. The South African Government have always upheld the constitutional rights of prisoners, going so far as, allowing prisoners to vote in elections. This, we feel, sends out a wrong message to the criminal fraternity. The very nature of the act of incarceration, is in itself, a curtailment and impedance to the free movement of an individual. It is our contention that a non-political prisoner should be stripped of, if not all, then some, of his constitutional rights. We have the ludicrous situation in South Africa today, where criminals and prisoners are perceived to enjoy, more and better, constitutional rights than their victims and ordinary citizens. The situation becomes even more ludicrous when one bears in mind that it was the free-will and free-choice of the criminal, at the criminal's own discretion, which breaches a victim's constitutional rights in the first place, and not vice versa. The poor victim of a criminal act has no choice in the matter at all. By denying a victim their constitutional rights, a criminal should have his constitutional rights denied to him until, such time as he has been successfully rehabilitated back into society.

    • We at Crime Busters of South Africa stand for a crime-free South Africa with zero-tolerence shown towards criminals. We support a freely and fairly elected government, elected and governed by the people, for the people, with all citizens enjoying equal constitutional rights, which will protect them and allow them to practice freedom of movement, freedom of religion, freedom of thought, freedom of choice and freedom of speech, and will also afford each one of them the right to shelter, health-care, welfare, and access to the basic necessities of life needed to enable them to live their lives with dignity and free from discomfort, hunger, malnutrition and disease. In the eyes of the law, all people should be treated equally, and no one, absolutely no one, should be above it.

      Crime Busters of South Africa - March, 2000

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