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    South Africa the Rainbow Nation
    Welcome to our Public Anti-Crime Lobby Web Site
    Updated: Monday, 11 July, 2011 - Refresh for latest
    Stop Mouse on underlined text & pix for more
    crimebustersza@vodamail.co.za Telephone: South Africa +27 (0)72-229-0763
    "Ratting on Rampant Crime in South Africa" "Crime Scene Do Not Cross Line" "NEWS FLASH... Someone's loved-one has now become another violent crime victim statistic in South Africa" "How safe are our children, family and friends, and do they have a future in South Africa or, will they also become just another violent crime statistic?" "Crime Busters of South Africa Rolling Mass Lobby Action" "Ratting on Rampant Crime in South Africa" "A SICK SOCIETY... A woman is raped, or abused, in South Africa every 23 seconds and a child is molested for every passing minute of the day and recently babies as young as 5 months have been gang-raped by adult men!!!" "FARM MURDERS... No fewer than 3,555 farm murders have taken place since 1994 and thousands more together, with their families, friends, labourers and visitors have been assaulted, raped, robbed and maimed" "THE SLAUGHTER CONTINUES UNABATED... Every month some 500 luckless souls are murdered in Johannesburg alone" "ACTS of TERRORISM... Hundreds of terrorist bomb attacks have taken place since 1994 killing and wounding dozens of innocent men, women and children including overseas tourists. The authorities have been tardy in bringing these terrorists to book. Some who were eventually arrested have even managed to escape from custody and avoid prosecution. For others, the legal process has been moving at a snail's pace!" "TAXI WARS... hundreds of innocent people have been killed and maimed over the years during the ongoing taxi wars" "GOVERNMENT INACTION... What kind of government stands back and allows its citizens to be hijacked and murdered, its women raped, and its children molested in their thousands whilst, wholesale genocide is being committed against its farming community? Unfortunately, the kind of government, which we have in South Africa today!!!" "CENSORSHIP BAN... This same inept and corrupt government, through its ex-National Police Commissioner disgpraced Jackie Selebi (found guilty of corruption) on the instructions of the then National Safety and Security Minister the late Steve Tswete, banned the release of police crime statistics by imposing a moratorium from the end of July, 2000 on the pretext that the statistics were flawed and exaggerated the crime situation in SA. After 'panel-beating' these statistics they were released again to the media and the public on 1st June, 2001 almost one-year later. During this moratorium the publics' right to know was denied to them. Hardly a good advertisement for a fledging democracy!" "WE APOLOGISE... if, we have shocked you with these figures... unfortunately, they are true. We back up our claims by providing you with the hard evidence on our web site, http://www.CrimeBustersZA.com, and will continue to publish these crime reports in spite of the death threats and the government bannings... please, read our crime reports linked to the live media" "As usual, it is the poor who suffer most at the hands of these violent criminal scumbags" "Crime Scene Do Not Cross Line" "Crime Busters of South Africa... rolling mass lobby action in an attempt to win back our country from criminals, murderers, serial killers, rapists, terrorists, bombers, hijackers, thugs, muggers, paedophiles, wife beaters, child molesters, drug lords, thieves, robbers, corrupt government officials, gangsters, fraudsters, conmen, crime syndicates, mafia, smugglers, crooked businessmen, cheating sportsmen, bullies..." "Please join us in convincing our President Jacob Zuma and our government to crack down hard on criminals and to adopt a zero-tolerance approach towards all crime" "Thank-you for caring!"
    Come and check it out...

    If we got your attention, "Welcome!

    Hi Folks.....

    It takes a rat to catch a rat. What to do if you smell a rat?

    Email our mascot Rattous and rat to us on that criminal.
    Phone 10111 if you witness a crime in progress!!!

    Do you want to remain anonymous when you report a crime?
    Phone Crime Stop Share-Call Service @ 08600-10111.

    Get your own back and rat on those criminals!!!

    CRIME BUSTERS of SOUTH AFRICA Community Web Site invites every concerned and law-abiding person world-wide to support us in our protest against the extremely high violent and rampant crime rate in South Africa today...

    This Anti-Crime Lobby Group Web Site is dedicated to all of those brave 'Men and Women in Blue' of the South African Police Service who have walked the 'thin blue line' and have performed the ultimate sacrifice when they lost their lives fighting in the war against crime... 1,955 policemen killed since 1994.

    This citation is extended to all those good Cops world-wide who are totally committed to actively serving their own communities as honest and completely incorruptible Crime Busters.  We thank-you for your services and salute your dedication!!!

    As a token of our sincere appreciation we grant everyone everywhere in the whole world the freedom to join our MSN Members' Community web site Crime Busters Of South Africa and join us in lobbying our government to take a zero-tolerance stance against crime.

    Click here to learn more about us. Please click onto our Manifesto to peruse the content of our protest.  To obtain official information, as well as,  review the statistical data on the extremely high and violent rampant crime rates in South Africa  please 'click' onto a hyperlink, underlined text, or picture...


    3,555 since 1994!!!

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    of South Africa
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    or E-mail the webmaster
    Police Crime Scene Do Not Cross Line
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    Police Crime Scene Do Not Cross Line
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