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    Crime Messages ~ Farm Attacks

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    "Ratting on Rampant Crime in South Africa"

    The mass slaughter of South African farmers and their workers must stop. The murder rate amongst this sector of SA society
    stands at 313 per 100,000 - the highest for any sector.

    We offer our condolences to the families of the victims.

    In Memoriam: ... today, May 30, 2001 the country is in the tenth month* when complete and accurate crime statistics are no longer being provided to the news media by the SA Police Service - under the orders of the Mbeki government, the news media is being deliberately censored in crime reporting.

    ( * this moratorium was eventually lifted in September, 2001 after some 14 months of embargo. Revised crime statistics were released in December, 2001 - Keith Knott: webmaster, CBSA.)

    Here follows the list of known names of the people who we have been informed had been murdered on South African farms by armed attackers from July 31, 2000 (since 1994 to date at least 1,591 members of the farming community have been slaughtered)...

    Click here to access the list of Farm Attack Victims

    The list is obviously incomplete in spite of all the many reports we have received from undertakers, church leaders, community leaders, crime prevention units, the many policemen who oppose this government censorship, local journalists, concerned residents, agricultural organisations and insurance companies.

    The farm statistics were placed under publication "moratorium" by safety & security minister Steve Tshwete from July 31, 2001.

    Until these crime statistics are completely unbanned and released in full to the news media without any further government spin-doctoring, the many journalists posting regularly on the http://www.censorbugbear.com website from South Africa will continue to try and publish murdered farm people's names.

    We thank the many members of the public who have continued to assist us in our inquiries. And our website will continue to ask many questions about this puzzling terror campaign against the farm communities of South Africa until the government unbans the crime statistics in full.

    Signed: Adriana Stuijt : CensorBugbear.com

    1,591 since 1994 !!!

    Click to read Prof. C.J. Moolman's book

    Also visit the Agriforum Web Site
    for additional crime information

    Please report additional information or errors to...


    Add/View messages & pictures under 'Farm Attacks'

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