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    "Ratting on Rampant Crime in South Africa"

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    All Topics, General Information, & News of Interest
    Anti-Crime Lobby Action & Information
    Bomb Blasts, Explosions & Bomb Threats
    Child Abuse & Sexual Molestation of Children
    Civil Rights Issues & Infringements
    Corruption/Fraud by Business, Government & Individuals
    Dirty Tricks by Goverments & Other Institutions
    More Dirty Tricks & Other Shenanigans
    Farm Attacks, Assaults, Land Occupations & Killings
    Names of Victims of Farm Attacks
    Hackers: Warn others & report these scumbags here
    Labour Abuse, Farm Labourer Assaults & Killings
    Missing Kids/Others - post details and pictures here
    Murders, Homicides & Suicides in General
    Necklace Assaults, Killings & Vigilante Actions
    Police Brutality & Assaults on Members of the Public
    Police Deaths, Injuries, Murders & Suicides
    Racial Abuse, Racism & Hate Speech
    Rape Attacks, Sexual Molestation, Gang Rapes & Sodomy
    Robberies, Thefts, Breakins, Muggings, Heists & Hijackings
    Taxi Violence, Taxi/Bus Wars & Related Assassinations
    Wanted Persons - post details and pictures here
    Xenophobia & Related Incidents

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    please email the details to our webmaster

    Crime Scene - Do Not Cross Line - Crime Scene

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