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    Crime Messages ~ Corruption & Fraud

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    "Ratting on Rampant Crime in South Africa"

    Reproduced courtesy the South African Police Service
    Visit their web site at: http://www.saps.gov.za

    by the Commanding Officer, Anti-Corruption Unit
    Director SF Grobler

    Many countries throughout the world have agencies that deal with corruption. In South Africa there are numerous bodies that have the investigation of corruption as primary or secondary role.

    The Anti-Corruption Unit of the South African Police Service was formed to deal with corruption within the ranks of the Service itself.

    Whereas in the past it was necessary to deal with the reactive measures relevant to corruption, it has become increasingly more important to deal with the proactive measures.

    The prevention of corruption has been neglected up to now - it may be due to the fact that prevention was not seen as important as the arrest of offenders.

    If corruption is seen as a cancer in society, then corruption must be treated in the same way. It must be rooted out by all means possible.

    I am of the opinion the corruption can also be prevented or at least reduced by good management.

    Management can only function if it has information on which to base its decisions.

    Statistics is one form of information available to managers to enable them to plan and to be informed of tendencies. For this reason it has been decided to compile an annual report designed in part to give statistics as they are. We do not make any assumption from these statistics other than to assume an increase in the incidence of reported cases. We ascribe this to the fact that the unit is becoming better known and, we hope, trusted by the public that we serve.


    Add/View messages under 'Corruption'

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