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    Crime Messages ~ All Topics

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    "Ratting on Rampant Crime in South Africa"

    SA ~ Nigeria Womens' Soccer International Ends
    Prematurely when Rioting Breaks Out

    A resident offers advice after the trouble of November 25th, 2000...

    Living around the Klippoortjie Cemetery and Vosloorus soccer grounds are a nightmare for residents on weekends. Every weekend, long lines of funeral processions line up at Klippoortjie making it impossible for residents to even go to the shops or church on Saturdays and Sundays.And the funerals are something so dangerous that even residents living around the area can be hit by stray bullets: many of these funerals are of Magintha warlord gang members where hundreds of LIVE rounds are shot off and people just passing in cars are hit by stray bullets!

    Also many of these funeral services use the Vosloorus stadium as a venue and the criminal elements who attend the soccer games also are high, with large amounts of liquor being consumed at all these venues, including at the funerals and the soccer games.

    So this incident with these poor Nigerian women soccer players is really not so unusual, it actually happens all the time.

    What astonishes me is that the soccer people would even think of using the Vosloorus stadium as a venue for any kind of international soccer game where the foreign news media can record the routine happenings on the stands, which really, I emphasise, are totally routine.

    There is no need for a formal investigation - just stop the ongoing criminality in this entire East Rand region, stop the Magintha warlords and their endless funeral processions and the gunshots and bullets flying into residents' homes and cars during the funerals, and you might just get a safer venue for soccer games too.

    Prevention always is better as a cure.


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