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    All About Us... Our Aims & Objectives
    "Ratting on Rampant Crime in South Africa"
  • Welcome to Crime Busters ZA...

  • CRIME BUSTERS of SOUTH AFRICA MSN Members' Community Website consists of a group of concerned individuals living in South Africa and around the world, who are fighting back against the criminal element and organised crime syndicates operating in South Africa. We appeal to all like-minded persons world-wide, to support us in our lobby-action against the rampant and violent crime rate in our country.

  • An open invitation to you...

  • Dear fellow Cybersurfer . . . You are very welcome to surf through this website, as often as you like... Please, introduce us to your family and friends. The more people who, support this campaign, the more powerful our lobby will be to bring pressure to bear upon President Mbeki and our Government, in an effort to force them to get serious about tackling the rampant, and violent crime problem in this country before, anarchy becomes the order of the day! Feel free, to click onto the various hyperlinks to visit other interesting sites, all packed with damning evidence of the rampant and extremely high violent crime rates in South Africa. Feel free also, to read the discussions on our Message Boards and to download any files or pictures posted to our Photo Album. Only members can take part in the Discussion Forum, or upload pictures to the Photo Gallery . To become a member of this community is painless and entirely free. Your mail box will not be swamped with junk mail. Your membership approval requires no waiting and will be done immediately! You are under no obligation whatsoever, to remain a member, and may terminate your membership at any time by using the option available. Should you wish to remain anonymous there is an option for you to conceal your e-mail address from other members.

  • Prisoners in our own homes...

  • Due, to our Government's uncaring and unconcerned attitude which, is reminiscent of 'Nero fiddling whilst Rome burnt' there, is a broad feeling amongst the South African public that, South African criminals currently enjoy more civil rights than the ordinary common citizen. This is inexcuseable for a country which, likes to boast that we have one of the most liberal and free Constitutions and Bill of Rights in the world. It is our contention, that one cannot enjoy true freedom if, one is forced to confront violent acts of crime at every turn. What use is freedom if, like the majority of our citizens, one has become a virtual prisoner in one's own home?

  • A plea to the SA Government...

  • We plead with the South African Government to clamp down hard on all forms of crime for, it has become evident that, they are too 'soft' on all crime issues. There, is glaring evidence to support our findings. What, is extremely worrying is, the number of members of government, whom have been found guilty of serious criminal offences and yet, still remain in the service of the people of South Africa. These crimes cover the entire spectrum of misdemeanors, and include such heinous crimes like conspiracy, corruption, extortion, fraud, theft, kidnapping, rape and even murder! What chances are there to rid our country of the criminal scourge when, many officials in the service of its government, are not only common criminals but, are still riding aboard the gravy train. It is no wonder that, South Africa experiences one of the highest rates of violent crime in the world. Violent and rampant crime is now, on the verge of escalating into total anarchy. We need action now, President Mbeki!!!

  • Violent and rampant crime in SA...

  • The repeal of the death penalty for rape and crimes of a capital nature has given the violent criminal the wrong signal, and has resulted in an escalation in this type of crime. South Africa is now known as, the murder and rape capital of the world. In Johannesburg alone, some 500 citizens are murdered each month, and countless rapes are perpetrated. Attacks on farmers, organised bank heists, car hijackings, and brutal assaults on elderly people are common-place and a daily occurrence in many areas!

  • SA law enforcement agency...

  • The South African Police Service are our national law-enforcement agency. They unfortunately, lack the resources and funding to effectively perform their duties efficiently... As, a result they are badly equipped. Their members are under-paid, and are often over-worked whilst, having to perform their duties under the most trying circumstances. This results in them being put under tremendous pressures whilst, their lives are in constant danger. There, are an abundance of criminals armed with military assault rifles loaded with armour-piercing bullets (and sometimes, even carrying hand-grenades!). Hundreds, of South African Police Officers are being killed on duty each year. We need action by the authorities to stop this slaughter!!!

  • Our gratitude to them...

  • This community website is dedicated to the 'Men and Women in Blue' of the South African Police Service whom, have already made the ultimate sacrifice in losing their lives during their battle against crime. This citation includes, all those brave and dedicated law-enforcers, who are still totally committed, day and night, to actively serve us as honest and incorruptible 'South African Crime Busters'. We have extended this citation to include, every single good and dedicated 'Cop' world-wide. We thank you all, for your services and salute you for your efforts in protecting us from the criminal element whilst serving us under very difficult and often, dangerous circumstances.

  • What we stand for...

  • To find out whom we are, what we stand for, and what we are striving to achieve please, click onto our Manifesto.

  • Visitors' Book...

  • Please also, afford us some more of your time, to access our Visitors' Book....
    Your constructive criticisms, suggestions, and comments are equally welcome!

  • How to contact us...

  • Please use our Message Boards to contact us. Should you require more privacy, please e-mail our webmaster at CrimeBustersZA@email.com. Kiddies of all ages (up to 99 years old, and beyond) and those, who wish to rat on a criminal should contact our pet rat mascot, Rattous@hotmail.com. To remain totally anonymous then you should rather phone Crime Stop at 08600-10111. Don't be afraid to rat on a criminal, get your own back!

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